The most famous route to know Paris

Paris is the capital of France and the most popular and populated city of the country. It is the city well known as the city of love, because the essence that its streets, architecture, culture, and landscapes make it a perfect place for love and romance. This is a concept that is raised in many people’s way of thinking, even if they are from another country, because of the contributions that Paris has made in art, movies, philosophy, architecture, literature and many other instances of the human development. It has been the epicenter of many events such as the French Revolution guided by Napoleon Bonaparte, philosophical ideologies such as the absurdism postulated by Albert Camus and art movements such as the surrealism and the cubism in the human history. And it is also the place where many important people in many fields have born and developed their careers, such as Rene Discard, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas and his son, Claude Monet, Jean Paul Sartre, among others.

It has very beautiful places to visit and many attractions that would make everyone to fall in love of the city. Art in all its diversifications everywhere, restaurants spreading the smell of France’s typical cuisine on the streets and the lovely combination of Gothic, Morocco, Renaissance architecture that are represented in the houses, building, churches, museums, bridges, and cathedrals in the city, make Paris the perfect place to visit in vacations, or in another moment(or always). The best way to know Paris can start differently for each person, it depends in which place the route will start and in which place the route will end; nevertheless, many people prefer to start the tour over Paris in the magnificent and outstanding Eiffel Tower (the most common reason why people know Paris).

The Eiffel Tower is an unequivocal symbol of Paris, and it identifies the city as well as the country. It is an unforgettable moment for some people because just by standing right in front on it for the first time gives a splendid gratifying feeling. Tourists can take a walk or taxi ( ) over the square, admire the Tower and take lovely and beautiful pictures to save that moment. They can also take the stairs and get up to the highest part of the Eiffel Tower in order to admire Paris with a panoramic view; on the other hand, the waiting lines to the entrance can be long and it can take so much time until getting into the Tower, however, it is still a great experience that every person has to try at least once (or always) in their lives. One of the benefits of waiting too much on the entrance line (depending in the hour of the access) is that the sunset arrives, and it paints the city with beautiful colors, which makes it a very pleasant view for the spectators; also, at night, a beautiful spectacle is created with all the lights of the city illuminating the horizon and making it an incredible view.

“When I first looked at the Eiffel Tower I felt like my heart had stopped, it was something that I just… I just I couldn’t describe! I almost felt like a tear was appearing in my eye, and I’m not ashamed to say that! It’s something so beautiful that I almost cried!” said a woman who experienced the best route to know Paris in her first day of the tour.  That can be considered as the start of the route in Paris; nevertheless, there are still many places that must be visited by the tourists. After going to the Eiffel Tower, the next destination for the perfect route to know Paris can be visiting the Island of the Cité, the oldest part of the city, on this island the most important part to visit is Notre Dame of Paris. Its three floors and its towers of 69 meters high become one of the jewels of Gothic art, which has France as its most beautiful representations. At the other end of the island the Holy Chapel is located, which is smaller, older, and more beautiful than Notre Dame. It is a construction that ended in 1284. One of its chapels, with 20 meters high, and its 13th century stained glass windows create an overwhelming atmosphere.

Very close to this chapel the Conciergerie can be also visited, it is the oldest palace in Paris, converted into a prison in the 15th century, where Marie Antoinette, among other prisoners, lived her last days in darkness. Leaving the Conciergerie, the next destination is Pont Neuf, which crosses the island joining the two banks of the Seine. It is the most famous and oldest bridge of the 8 that connect the island with the city. The island has a few hectares of surface, so, tourists can have time and if they desire to walk, they can easily navigate its perimeter and see the rest of the bridges. Very close to the Pont Neuf exit is the Louvre Museum, the most important museum of Paris, and the one that possesses material from diverse times of history along with works from many artists, in every expression of art. It is advisable to take a limited tour of the main paintings and sculptures, since all the exhibited works take several days. It has to be remembered that it closes the doors at 6:00 pm and that on Tuesdays it remains closed. The day can end up by having dinner aboard one of the boats that travel the Seine. The view of Paris illuminated in full will not leave an indelible memory of the “light city”.

At night tourists can enjoy the music and performances that artists and musicians present in the streets of Paris. They do amazing spectacles and among with the lights of the diverse shops, restaurants, and houses of the city, it creates an ineffable atmosphere that just Paris can offer. At the second day of the route to know Paris, lines 4 and 6 of the Paris metro do not take the tourists beyond the catacombs, one of the most famous ossuaries in the world, created in the 18th century in the facilities of old mines. It is a world without borders, which it can be visited with a guided tour, or in free form, with the help of a map. Nearby there is the observatory of Paris, where a short visit can be done if the tourists desire. It is the center for researching, teaching and dissemination of the largest astronomy in France. The guided tour lasts two hours and includes the main telescope and the Cassini Hall, through which the meridian of Paris passes. If the visit to the Pantheon is both amazing for its history, as for its majestic neoclassical architecture and its sculptural groups. In the crypt rest of the most illustrious French people.

The next destination can be the Gardens of Luxembourg, a very beautiful place where it can be heard the sounds of the birds in the corresponding seasons, and the nature gives a pleasant view to every tourist that gets to appreciate it. It has trees with many types of fruits, seasonal flowers and places to rest and to breathe the air of the nature (along with the romantic essence of Paris). Children can play in the park and people can have a nice walk whilst enjoying of good and quite conversations in this peaceful place. The Palace of Luxembourg is also in the park and it must be visited, as well. After that the route can take place in Les Invalides, where the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Museum of Weapons, which presents diverse objects and collections that are from the XIII century and onwards, are located. The Museum of Rodin is also an option to visit in this route, where his sculptures can be found, as well as the magnificent garden that rounds the building. Walking on the edge of the Siene withyour partner is a beautiful way to feel the love and romance that Paris offers.

Tourists can take photos of every corner of the route that they are seeing, the houses, the streets, the squares, the bridges, the cathedrals and every other architectural achievements that were made in the city. Also the cuisine has to be part of the route, so the plates and typical dishes of France’s cuisine should vary for every tourist. If they had a Ratatouille the first day of their route, they should try typical omelets, croissants or another dish for the next day. At night there is also life in Paris, so tourists must go to the Moline Rouge, a mythical local of the city where many celebrities have been in the past, and even in the present, to see the spectacles that usually take place at it. The entrance is not so cheap, but it is an experience that must be lived at least once in life. In the next day of the route in Paris, the next and not the less important place to visit isThe Arc de Triomphe, which, together with the Eiffel Tower, is a characteristic symbol of Paris. From the top, tourists will have an impressive view of the long avenue Champs Elysees and of Paris as well. Then they can cross this avenue, starting from the “upper part”, until reaching the “lower part”, where the tourists will see several historical buildings, including the Church of the Madeleine, in order to end at Place de la Concorde, where there is an imposing Egyptian obelisk of pink granite and statues that represent cities of France.

There are many kinds of shops in all the way through the Champs Elysees. Tourists can buy clothes, footwear, jewelry, gifts, antique objects, perfumeries among others. Of course, all the things that are sold in the shops are very fancy, so they can be a little bit expensive. But, you may or may not buy from them, it’s worth the trip. “I prefer to save the memories in my mind and in the pictures that I take with my phone, to be honest I don’t need anything of those things that are sold over here, because… well… they’re kind of expensive, pretty expensive” said a man who was enjoying the tour whilst his girlfriend was looking at some jewelry in a first class shop. On the other side of this square the Tuileries Garden is located, this is the oldest in the city. In the past it belonged to the Tuileries Palace, but it was burned down in the fire of 1871, and whose ruins were demolished in 1882. In the space of the gardens the Orangerie Museum is located, which possesses works by several painters but, mainly, of Monet. And, also the National Gallery Jeu de Paume, the museum dedicated to the impressionism and, nowadays, to contemporary visual art. “There are many museums over here in Paris, I think I would need like a month to see just one” said a girl who was in the tour with her parents.

To finish the last day of the route in Paris the tourists can have a walk in the Rue de la Paix and pass over the Place Vendome until arriving to the Palace Garnier, the traditional building of the National Opera of Paris. Tourists can enter by themselves as well as with a guide. They can visit the museum, the performance hall and the main staircase.  And to close the tour of the best route in Paris the next destination will be the Eiffel Tower again, where the tour began and will end up. Admiring the Eiffel Tower for a last time is a good way of saying farewell to Paris. “Farewell, my friend, I’ll see you again in another occasion.” said one of the man who was joining the tour in Paris. There are many ways of visiting Paris, but it does not matter how we start our route in the city and how we finish it, the most important thing is to enjoy every little moment that we spend in the city, every corner that we walk through, every dish and food that we taste and eat, every history that we hear from the citizens (even if we know French or not), every piece of art that we admire in every museum or cultural place in the city. Enjoy every moment, in order to make it the best route to know Paris.